Engineering Channel Over-air Download Schedule

DTG Testing administers The Engineering Channel, carried on Multiplex PSB1 and which is used by manufacturers to download software updates to Freeview/DTT receivers. Over-air downloads scheduled for this week and next are given on this page. A similar system operates for Freesat receivers and the updates currently being broadcast are listed at the bottom of the page.

Please note

Any queries concerning over-air downloads should be addressed to the manufacturer concerned, and not to the DTG or to DTG Testing Ltd. We have no information on the schedule of downloads beyond what is on this page and are not able to deal with queries from the general public.


Freesat logoCurrent Freesat downloads

Company Models Version PNR Start End
HarvardSandstrom SHDFSAT141.1.0N07-07-2014Open

Freesat data updated Thursday 3rd July 2014 15:46

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