Digital Television Reception Checker

Digit-Al and TV

A centralised and authoritative reception database for digital television on all platforms is maintained by Digital UK on behalf of the broadcasters.

This database contains coverage predictions for broadcast digital TV at a finer geographical resolution than the previous postcode-based checker on this web site.

Use the form below to enter address information to see what the digital TV options are and how the reception of digital terrestrial television at that location will develop during the switchover process.

Where appropriate information is available you will also see what other platforms, such as satellite, cable and IPTV, may be available at the location.

The form will take you to the Digital UK web site for a detailed, step by step, breakdown of reception changes for DTT intended for retailers and installers. A link to a consumer-oriented summary of switchover options is available from the 'Consumer View' link at the top of the results page.

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The DTG regrets that we are unable to reply to telephone calls or emails from non-members regarding coverage issues.