US consumers 'not interested in mobile DTV'

Mobile operators face a challenge in persuading US consumers to become interested in mobile digital television services, according to a new survey by RBC Capital Markets, the investment banking arm of the Royal Bank of Canada.

Three-quarters of the 1,001 adults surveyed said they did not want to watch television services or movies on handheld devices.

That finding contrasts markedly with data emanating from several European trials of mobile television services, including two major pilots in the UK.

In January mobile operator O2 said 83% of its triallists had been happy with the 16-channel service, and 76% wanted to take it up if offered over the next year. BT said two-thirds of customers would be prepared to pay up to £8 per month for its BT Movio service, which is now poised for a full commercial launch.

"With so many single purpose devices in the market, combined with evolving technology, consumers are resisting making a choice," said Scott Collins, RBC Capital Markets' director of US equity research.

"Our research shows that over time, mobility will be adopted more widely. The mobile evolution has only just begun. Compatibility and convergence will be the key influences on consumer purchases and enterprise product development as we move forward."

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