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Plans to 're-invent' BBC Three unveiled

Tony Hall, director-general, BBC; Danny Cohen, director, BBC Television; and Damian Kavanagh, project lead, BBC Three, yesterday announced a proposal to relaunch BBC Three, a key element of the BBC's overall strategy.

Prominent in the plan is the channel's move from broadcasting nine hours a day to a 24-hour service, not only on iPlayer, but also distributed on third party sites including YouTube and Facebook. It is hoped that the move online will 'build digital awareness in much the same way that BBC News Online encouraged take up of the internet and BBC iPlayer helped to build the market for Video On Demand (VOD) services,' according to a statement from the broadcaster.

BT confirms plan to purchase EE

BT has confirmed they want to buy EE for £12.5bn, a move that will bring them back into the mainstream mobile consumer market.

This decision comes after weeks where both O2 and EE competed for sale to BT.

The proposed deal will provide BT with the extensive 4G coverage and mobile customer base of EE. This would represent a marked return to the mainstream mobile consumer market for BT and would allow them to offer their customers packages of TV, home broadband and mobile telecoms.

Ofcom: UK is first for smart TV

The UK leads EU countries for the use of internet-connected televisions, with almost a quarter (22%) of UK consumers saying they have a smart TV, and the vast majority of these (84%) having connected it to the internet, according to UK regulator Ofcom's latest International Communications Market Report.