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Virgin Media TiVo KipstR hits pause-and-record if you fall asleep after too much turkey

Virgin Media may have found the killer app for wearable tech with KipstR, a wristband which tells TiVo boxes to pause and start recording if you fall asleep in front of the TV.

The 3D printed wristband is being trialled with TiVo subscribers over the Christmas period, when one-in-five of us are expected to fall asleep on the sofa during our typical four-hour festive viewing marathon.

DTG Testing reveals challenges facing DTT receivers in White Space networks

UK communications regulator Ofcom has published details of DTG Testing research into the effects of White Space wireless networks on popular digital TV receivers.

Ofcom commissioned DTG Testing to discover if digital terrestrial television (DTT) equipment can function alongside proposed White Space wireless networking devices.

DTG supports government's Digital Accessibility Alliance

The DTG has joined the Digital Accessibility Alliance set up by the government to improve access to digital services for disabled and older people.

Through the DTG Accessibility Group, the DTG will work with government departments, regulators, local government, business and the not for profit sector to promote universal access for citizens to digital services.