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The DTG is the centre for collaboration at the heart of the digital TV industry. More than 125 companies are members of the DTG, and collectively we drive innovation and growth in the television and technology sectors.

We're the only impartial space of its kind in the UK, and the joint expertise from DTG Members continues to define the technologies that make the UK a world-leading TV industry and ensure market interoperability.

The DTG showcases the best in UK innovation at IBC 2014

The winners of this year's DTG Television Innovation Awards came out to Amsterdam to join the DTG on our stand in Hall 5. All the competition winners drew in a crowd of interested prospective clients, partners and contributors from the visitors to IBC 2014.

Cox pleas broadcasters to expose audiences to something else.

In his keynote speech at this year's IBC Conference, Professor Brian Cox called for broadcasters to allow their audiences to discover shows in the way he found his favourite shows.

The presenter of 'Wonders of the Universe' said: "I worry that the fragmentation of television, the multiple channels, seems to ghettoise the audience. I don't want a society when you are 15 years old you can sit in their bedroom and watch the computer games channel 24 hours a day because I want that 15 year old to be exposed to ideas. I worry about the people who stumble across ideas accidentally, how do you protect that in the society where you can sort what you want to watch."

Five things you need to know about the future of the UK TV industry

The Digital TV Group (DTG) the industry association for digital TV in the UK, has today released a White Paper report at the International Broadcasting Convention, Amsterdam covering five of the most exciting developments in the TV industry.

The report covers ultra-high definition, video-to-mobile, spectrum management, connected TV, and digital terrestrial television; and contains expert opinion, analysis and insight from senior DTG staff that are realising the benefits of innovations in these areas through the DTG's working groups, membership and the wider industry.