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The DTG is the centre for collaboration at the heart of the digital TV industry. More than 125 companies are members of the DTG, and collectively we drive innovation and growth in the television and technology sectors.

We're the only impartial space of its kind in the UK, and the joint expertise from DTG Members continues to define the technologies that make the UK a world-leading TV industry and ensure market interoperability.

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DTG's 4k Plugfests turn spotlight on HEVC streams

The DTG's UK UHD Forum has held its second 4k Plugfest with a focus on content streamed in 4k over satellite, IP and DTT to UHD TVs and set-top boxes.

This DTG members-only event brought together platforms operators, TV manufacturers, audio-video content providers and broadcasters, equipment manufacturers, and retailers to investigate HEVC UHD interoperability.

DTG Testing launches HDMI interoperability testing

DTG Testing is launching an HDMI interoperability testing service using the DTG's unique receiver collection (Zoo), ensuring the high quality of consumer experience to secure retailer buyers confidence.

Many of DTG Testing's customers have found that HDMI compliance and certification does not guarantee that licensed CE devices will function correctly and be fully interoperable with other HDMI licensed devices. Issues such as audio/video synchronisation, incorrect aspect ratio, crashes, video glitches, juddering and colour issues may occur.

Microsoft reveals HoloLens: the interactive holographic glasses

Microsoft has announced holographic augmented-reality glasses—called HoloLens—to be released alongside Windows 10.

This standalone wireless helmet projects holographic illusions in the wearer's field of view. Unlike the Oculus Rift and other virtual reality devices, the HoloLens creates an augmented reality, allowing users to interact with virtual objects that appear in their actual surroundings.